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Closed Caption Creator Inc. is a broadcast technology company based in Canada. We specialize in designing closed captioning solutions for all industries working in content creation and video.

Our software solutions are used to help deliver thousands of  hours of captioning every week for broadcast and web streaming.

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We build software to help creators reach a wider audience, and engage with more people.

Closed Caption Converter is one of our most popular tools for broadcasters, service providers, and video editors.

Closed Caption Creator Inc. was founded in 2019 by Nathaniel Deshpande. Our very first product was a tool for decoding broadcast SCC files. The intention was to provide a simple web application to help engineering teams in broadcast facilities troubleshoot closed captioning problems. Our SCC Decoder eventually became the foundation for the software library used to create Closed Caption Converter.  Closed Caption Converter is a file conversion tool that supports over 25 different subtitle formats.

Closed Caption Converter was followed shortly thereafter by Closed Caption Creator which has become one of the most popular subtitle editors available online. CC Creator offers users the ability to automatically transcribe their audio and video files and quickly to create subtitles. Because of the continued development of Closed Caption ConverterCC Creator is able to support many different caption file formats. 

Closed Caption Creator Inc. recently released Creator 8 and is in the process of developing a new platform for enterprise customers - codenamed Closed Caption Unity.