Automate your closed caption & subtitle workflows.

The largest broadcasters in the world use Closed Caption Converter's API to help automate their closed caption workflows. Convert, segment, and re-time closed caption files all in a single request.

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Convert Subtitles

Convert your closed captioning and subtitle files to more than 25 different formats including broadcast formats such as SCC, MCC, EBU-STL, and more.

Segment & Conform

Input segments to create new files that have extra timing added or subtitle parts removed.

Frame Rate Conversion

Re-time your caption files to start from a new timecode or correct for caption drift.

SCC Inspector

Decode and inspect SCC files in order to find issues and view the exact 608 commands.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support to all customers in case of any issues.


Access our user interface for testing new file formats and jobs right from your browser.


Automate your closed caption and subtitle workflows in a few lines of code.

The Closed Caption Converter API is used to convert closed caption and subtitle files. We give you the ability to convert closed caption files on demand. You only pay for what you use. Our fully managed API means you don't have to worry about supporting any new infrastructure.

Broadcasters, and developers use our caption converter API to add support for over 25 different subtitle formats. This means you can focus on what's important to your business and not have to spend time developing your own libraries to convert subtitle files.

Closed Caption Converter API can also be used to correct for caption drift, frame rate conversion, and segmentation.

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File Support

Format Decode (Read) Encode (Write)
Vitac (.vnl)
QuickTime Text
Micro DVD
TTML (multiple profiles)
SMPTE TTML (multiple profiles)
IMSC Text Captions
IMSC Text Subtitles
Substation Alpha
Advanced Substation Alpha
Adobe Encore
Apple DVD Studio Pro
Avid DS (.txt)
Cheetah (ASCII Text)
Cheetah (binary)
Netflix DFXP
DLP Cinema
DVD Architect
EZ Title
MacCaption (608/708) (.mcc)
Magic TT
Netflix TT Captions
Netflix TT Subtitles
PowerPixel Format
ProCap Transfer
Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange (SAMI)
Scenerist (SCC)
Spruce STL
ScreenSystems Poliscript (PAC)
SubRip (SRT)
SubViewer (.sub)


Access to our API requires a subscription to Closed Caption Converter. Sign up for an account using one of the options below. You can watch our Getting Started guide available here.

API requests cost $0.10 for each successful job. Failed jobs are not included.


$9.99 / month + $0.10 / job

CC Converter +

  • Web Application Compatible with all systems
  • Support for 30+ file formats
  • Segmentation & Conform
  • Frame Rate Conversion
  • Blank Frame / Minimum Gap Insertion
  • Automatic Text Formatting
  • Automatic Reading Rate Correction
  • Convert multiple files at one time (batch processing)
  • Search & Replace *NEW*
  • Stretch & Shrink Timecode *NEW*

API Only:

  • Transcribe Video Files
  • Translate Subtitle Files
  • Automatic Sync / Forced Alignment
  • Automatic QC Checks

View a complete list of supported formats above or contact us with any questions. 

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Contact Us

Please contact us with any of your questions or to request a new feature. 

If there is a new subtitle format you want supported please contact us by email at Please provide a sample file if at all possible.

We would also be happy to provide a developer to help you when integrating our API into your current product or workflow.